No matter where on the campsite you are, you have the best view you could imagine. The light on the Great Belt Bridge in the evening and the sunset over the sea is an absolutely stunning sight. Life by the coast provides endless opportunities of water activities and sports.

Try your hand at scuba diving on the open sea with instructor, or discover “Bien” – an old beautiful wooden ship that docks at the boat jetty and takes guests fishing trips.

If you haven’t visited our lovely campsite yet, it is definitely worth a visit.

There's a bit for everyone – and we're always ready for new initiatives!

Best regards,

Team Storebælt Camping & Feriecenter

Lene and Flemming

The campsite’s story

The campsite, which we, Lene Hvid and Flemming Jensen, built ourselves, opened on 5th April 2003. We used to have two companies – a haulage company and a contracting company that established a “new piece of Denmark” for Storebælt A/S in the old turning basin in Halsskov Harbour, where the car ferries sailed over the Great Belt. The new piece of land was given to the Korsør Municipality, which then received permission to establish a campsite on the land.

25 trucks had to drive for 9 months

25 trucks had to drive for 9 months

The area is 5,500,000 m2 = 5.5 ha, and the basin was 10-12 m deep. To fill up the area, about 1,100,000 m3 of sand, clay and top soil were used and we operated 25 trucks during 9 months.

The sand that was used originates from the filling that Storebælt A/S had made between the outer pier at the campsite and the reef tip, where there was a very large factory producing the tunnel segments. The clay comes from a hillside in Forlev (between Slagelse and Korsør), where the waste management company has a landfill. The landfill was to be expanded. The top soil on top of the site comes from the construction site of the STOP 39 transport centre in Slagelse.


During the works on the area, we spoke to the then Mayor of Korsør, who told us that a campsite had to be established and that the municipality had made a deal with the Danish Camping Union. We said that it was a great place to set a campsite… and with THAT VIEW!

3 år efter – i 2002 – blev vi kontaktet af Korsør Kommune, som fortalte, at DCU havde opsagt aftalen. De spurgte, om ikke det var noget for os, at etablere en campingplads på arealet, som kommunen havde fået alle tilladelser til og vi havde jo alt grejet til dette …!!


We had never been at a campsite before and never had any interest in camping, but it sounded exciting, so we decided to buy the piece of land and start setting up a campsite. It turned out to be more difficult than first thought, as no new campsite had been built in Denmark in the last 40 years and we weren't able to find any advice. We had to design everything ourselves – even down to the pipes dimensioning and other technical details.

We really wanted good sanitation blocks, that’s why we only made family bathrooms. But as a result, the Camping Council had trouble approving the campsite. They had never seen a campsite with family bathrooms only!


We run the place ourselves with some good employees and we have been hooked on the atmosphere, the environment and the nice people who visit us. We therefore chose to focus 100% on STOREBÆLT CAMPING OG FERIECENTER.