Around the campsite and in the area.

Vil du gerne ud og opleve nogle af de mange spændende seværdigheder vi har på egnen, kan du finde inspiration her. Har du spørgsmål eller mangler du input til aktiviteter, så er du altid velkommen i receptionen.

I gå-afstand fra Storebælt Camping:

  • Beach
  • Restaurant
  • Shop/Kiosk
  • Fishing
  • Water sports centre Halsskov
  • Port
  • Isbådmuseet
  • Halsskov Rev
  • Great Belt Bridge

Korsør By & Overfarts Museum

At the fortress in Korsør you will find the Korsør By & Overfarts Museum (Town- & Maritime Museum) on the first floor of Christian IV's magazine building from 1609. Cultural museum with lots of unique objects and paintings from the old ferry town.


At the tip of the reef, right at the foot of the Great Belt Bridge, you will find the Isbådmuseet, which contains 2 of the old ice boats and tells the story of the transport difficulties in the area in text and pictures.

Viking Fortress of Trelleborg

Trelleborg is a massive fortress from the Viking Age. Built on a narrow headland with creeks on both sides, it has been almost impregnable. The castle consists of an inner circular rampart, as well as an additional fortified bailey. Take the family to Trelleborg and experience Vikings at work, warrior training and the special Trelleborg atmosphere.

West Zealand's largest activity park, Kragerup Gods

Go High: Do you like excitement and challenges? Then try the Go High climbing park, up to 28 meters high! The Go Bounce Trampoline Park….Feel those butterflies in your stomach with the Go Bounce Trampoline Park! Kragerup Gods includes a large, 18-hole foot golf course, with a total of 2 difficulty levels. The whole family can join in on the beautiful footgolf course.

Cirkusland Slagelse

Activities for the whole family. Some of the things that make Cirkusland special are the many activities that take place at the guests’ eye level. The major attractions are outdoor, while the smaller ones, the many shows, the stables and the restaurant are indoors in Cirkusland's three big halls.

Gerlev Legepark

Visit Europe's only activity park based on old sports and games. In Gerlev Legepark you can try more than 100 different games. Huge play area with classic games from around the world and green spaces for team games – Viking games, fighting games, hide and catch games for the whole family. It is possible to use the park's barbecue area and shelters


Panzermuseum East shows Scandinavia's largest and most exciting collection on the Cold War period from about 1950 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Lots of Soviet equipment such as tanks, armoured and unarmoured wheeled vehicles, helicopters and all the other equipment needed for an invasion of Denmark are showed in the 4500m2 exhibition space. See the daunting field hospital, the big field bakery and much more, all things we would have seen in the streets and in the airspace of Denmark, but only those of us who would have survived the nuclear attack from the incredibly powerful war machine that was available for the Soviet Pact over the entire period of tension.

Skovsgaard Mølle- & Bagerimuseum

The museum counts more than 500 relics and exhibits from all over Denmark. In addition to the original bakery, visitors can also experience a reconstruction of Vemmetofte Klosters bakery from 1880. The museum has collections of hand tools, machines, bread wagons and sleighs. It also features tools and material related to bakery and pastry.
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Birkegårdens Haver

If you love beautiful gardens… You can experience 5 different kinds of gardens at Birkegården. You can stroll in the Japanese garden, the English garden, the Prairie garden, the Monastery garden and the Permagarden. The animal area is the most popular among families with children. There you can greet Jane the deer and the many other cute animals. The gardens also feature 6 playgrounds, a mini golf and picnic areas with barbecue.


The garden is approximately 24,000 m2 and is located in the small village of Vedde, near Stenlille. It is built from more than 8,000 tons of granite stone. It is possible to enjoy the thousands of beautiful plants, the stone beds and the koi ponds all year round. Rhododendrons, roses, dahlias, perennials, peonies and angel’s trumpets.

Camp Adventure

Feel the butterflies in your stomach. Over the architecture of the Forest Tower, the nature of South Zealand and the stunning view from the top of the tower high above the treetops. For here – in the middle of Gisselfeld's forest – you'll have a real sensual experience, from the first time you see the 45 meter tall tower to the moment you stand at the top of it and look out over the South Zealand countryside. The experience starts at the old watermill when you first step up on the 3.2 kilometre long raised walkway, which meanders through the woods, around the trees and over the streams until the Forest Tower suddenly emerges from the trees. Then starts the walk to the top, and every time you come round one of the 12 circles on the way to the top, you'll notice that the nature around you is changing with the architecture.

Bon Bon Land

BonBon Land is a crazy and fun universe that children love. Once the ticket is paid, you have free access to all rides, more than 60 experiences for the whole family.